Thai Agency for International Development Cooperation (TICA)

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The Thai Agency for International Development Cooperation (TICA for its acronym in English ) , has been established since 2004 as the national coordinating body for the implementation of international cooperation for development between Thailand and other countries and international organizations in programs and bilateral cooperation.

TICA is the national coordinating body in the implementation of development cooperation with countries in different regions of the world through bilateral programs and cooperation. Always emphasizes the importance of human resource development and capacity building as ways forward to achieve sustainable development , generating optimal and lasting benefits to the countries and their peoples in general. In this effort, TICA administers various forms of cooperation , including development projects, programs and volunteer experts, fellowships , training courses and study visits .


- Promoting economic and social development

- Improved capacity building

- The exchange of knowledge and experiences

- Encourage cooperation and multilateral cooperation


- Partner of excellence for growth and sustainability


- Create a better world tomorrow to live together in harmony

Sharing Wisdom and Opportunities

TICAAAA-300x225The cooperation between Thailand and countries in Latin America , in terms of our level of development , it has been built on the basis of the exchange of knowledge and technology in the areas of mutual interest, such as agricultural technology, science food , forensic science , renewable energy, public health , tourism, trade and investment. TICA has carried out activities in the bilateral and multilateral framework, such as FOCALAE and has also developed the trilateral cooperation with this region as a whole , providing this technology to third countries.

Skills development in human identification ( Argentina )

TICA has supported the exchange of knowledge and technology in forensic science between Thailand and Argentina organizing study academic exchanges between the two renowned forensic institutes are the Central Institute of Forensic Science Thailand and the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team .

This project is aimed at promoting collaboration between the two agencies to share their expertise for the development of best practices.

Integrated pest management in farming Rice

Since Thailand and Peru are significant producers of rice, cooperation on integrated pest management in rice cultivation has been initiated in order to improve their knowledge and technology , especially in pest management . For starters, TICA, in cooperation with the National Institute of Agrarian Innovation Peru , sent a group of experts to visit Thai rice fields selected rice in Peru to collect data on rice cultivation and pests , for then discuss with farmers and officials concerned. This action plan is being studied and developed to take place in the near future .


In 2010 and 2011 , TICA organized two seminars on "Opportunities in Thailand FOCALAE and SMEs " aimed at the public and private sectors and academic institutions in Thailand and member countries FOCALAE ( Forum Asia and Latin America Cooperation - Asia East ) .

The seminars were aimed to reinforce the two regions in terms of trade and investment and strengthen networks of most solid companies among all stakeholders.

Therefore , the workshop encouraged participants to exchange views and experiences in the field of trade and investment in SMEs in order to seek greater cooperation and to discuss the challenges of inter - regionalization of SMEs that could be timely and adequately addressed .

Workshop on Cooperation in Drug issues for countries FOCALAE

TICAA-300x200In 2005 , Thailand hosted the workshop on cooperation in drug control as a place for members to exchange knowledge FOCALAE countries on the drug situation and best practices in drug control between the two regions .

In order to maintain this action forward, Thailand organized the second workshop in 2009 with the main objective of anti-drug cooperation . Fruitful discussions and useful recommendations for the development of joint ventures between the two regions during the workshop were held . Because of this success , in 2013 , the third workshop on cooperation against drugs will be held in Thailand again to update the drug situation and continue their deliberac

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